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FCKeditor is a lightweight HTML text editor intended for embedding in a wide variety of projects. It takes it's name from it's author, Frederico Caldeira Knabben (FredCK.com). You can find information on using the editor at http://www.fckeditor.net/.

As of version 1.95, VLW now uses CKeditor, a newer and more supported version of the original. For more information see http://ckeditor.net.

Is it well maintained?

In a word, YES. FCKeditor is used by companies as large as Adobe, to tiny content management systems like vlwcms. There is a lot of interest in future development and security of this tool, which is one of the reasons we chose it as the editor for vlwcms.

Is it expandable?

Yes. There is a built-in system for adding plugins to FCKeditor and vlw adds internal links via this mechanism. If you're interested check out the developer's documentation on www.fckeditor.net.


If you hover over any of the icons on the toolbar of the editor a tooltip will appear with text information about what the icon does.

At the bottom of the FCKeditor window in VLW, you'll find a link to online documentation that is very useful when you've run into problems using the editor.

Any Gotchas with FCKeditor?

FCKeditor was developed with a Windows perspective, so it expects you to have a two button mouse. If you're working on a Mac you'll need to be aware that the right button, often used for properties in the Windows world is necessary for modifying objects. To access this functionality use Control click. This is particularly useful when changing properties of a table.

What about the name?

Yeah, well the latest poll on the fckeditor site shows 43% of folks think it should get a name change. The newer versions in beta test will be named ckeditor. BTW, proper pronounciation of the name is Eff Cee Kay Editor. VLW is now using CKeditor as of 1.95.