Template Gallery

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The following are thumbnails of VLW templates.

Abstract Ariel Biz-1
Abstract-tn.png Ariel-tn.png Biz-1-tn.png
Biz-2 Blank Blue-Shades
Biz-2-tn.png Blank-tn.png Blue-shades-tn.png
Blue Spiral Bluez Bokeh
Blue-spiral-tn.png Bluez-tn.png Bokeh-tn.png
BW Cayenne Clouds
Bw-tn.png Cayenne-tn.png Clouds-tn.png
Cocoa-Mtn Coffee Dark
Cocoa-mtn-tn.png Coffee-tn.png Dark-tn.png
Ferns Gila-Mtn Globe
Ferns-tn.png Gila-mtn-tn.png Globe-tn.png
Gothic Grape Leaf Gray
Gothic-tn.png Grape-leaf-tn.png Gray-tn.png
Grid Karlova-Blue Map
Grid-tn.png Karlova-blue-tn.png Map-tn.png
Modern Moon over Sandias New Deco
Modern-tn.png Moon-over-sandias-tn.png New deco-tn.png
Postit Red Shell Salsa
Post it-tn.png Red-shell-tn.png Salsa-tn.png
Stars Sunset Toffee
Stars-tn.png Sunset-tn.png Toffee-tn.png